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Hi All,

This is the list of winners for the month of July. Finally your wait for the certificates is over

Group King - Rishikesh  ( Milli finally has some competition :P)

Crush of d Community - Svetlana (Wonder who will snatch the title from her ;), dying to see that)

Congrats for winning these titles on First Crush. Please find your certificate enclosed alongwith this mail.

BinDaaS BoL , "Start Sharing 2 Get Noticed Now"

First Crush

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We are now on Facebook, check it out .

The change is appreciable, you can post videos, images and share links within the group and also set them as an update for your profile. I guess you all would have been feeling the same that I felt about our community on Orkut. It was becoming too monotonous for us as a community. Although we would still have to use the CoC poll on Orkut, i haven't seen it yet on facebook

Your very own Bhatakti Aatma First Crush has also shifted base to facebook, you all catch up with him at

Furthermore I have finally found a name for myself, First Crush name was not being accepted on Facebook, so my name now is Uno Crush.

Let me know what you feel about the change.

First Crush

Well we always feel that the best way a website or any webspace works is allowing users freedom to do whateva they wish to do. @ First Crush We have always provided you enough oppurtunities to share your heart out, this is just an extension of the same principle that we follow.  
We are now bringing to your notice our latest innovation, we call it the FiRsT CRuSH Open Source Platform.  A platform which enables each and every one of you to simply Plug in to our system and enjoy our traffic, our market value, our brand value which enables you to simply sit back and relax rather than striving for traffic or striving for moments to gain popularity. We'll do that for you now, through our Open Source Platform.
How Does it Actually Happen.. ??
- All you need to do to Plugin to our Platform is simply Submit your blog/ website entries either through a comment on this post or by mail to
Dont forget to mention your Name, E-mail Address alongwith your Blog Address We will review your Blog and see if your Blog is worthy enough, if so we will get back to you and add your Blog to our Blog List.

What if I dont own a Blog/ Website .. ??
That surely must be a question for about 80 percent for our users, as per our records. How can we neglect you all :P, so whatever you've kept in your heart for so long just bring it out, simply mail us whateva you wish to post to, Google Group members can directly mail their posts to the group

If your post is worthwhile and deserves all the praise in the world we will publish them to our Blog. Ohh, Hope you dont get me wrong, we will grant you publishing rights directly to our Blog to post your posts the way you want them to and obviously your name would appear as the author of the post.

How to Advertise on this BloG .. ??

Simply mail us your requirement to if you wish to advertise and we will get back to you, you can always bank on us our rates are nominal  and for sure noone in the industry can offer such rates for such value content package.
Fair Deal .. ?? If you feel otherwise, we are always open to your comments. WHy Not StaRT SHaRinG 2 Get NoTiceD ..?? Now the whole world is ready to watch your talent, so just bring it on.. :P
First Crush

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