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Hi All,

We would be turning 4 years on 23rd December, we have come quite far but I believe we still have a long way to go .. !! :) Kudos to all of us who have been a part of this Wonderful Group. We are planning to revamp First Crush big time next year so stay tuned for that..

All we need to do in Keep sharing n interacting as a Group, we have already seen how interactive we can be at times :P. I want each n everyone of you to enjoy this moment. If you guys wanna have a party decide and let me know.. coz last time there were very few hands available so I wanna leave it to the Group this time.. No contri required this time though.. this one would be from my side, but there should be atleast 15 people planning to gather..  :P

Our main move next year is to be a Active Group on Facebook, coz the freedom that FB provides would drive the interactiveness of this Group.. We already have 55 members on FB, those of you who are unaware of this join the below page to get all First Crush updates driven to your profile..


First Crush



The feature has been due on our blogs for a very long time now and we are finally excited to announce this feature for all of you on our blogs.. so Go ahead Chat away wid your friends while you surf @ First Crush.

GTalk Integration has been provided on all our pages now, if you are logged into your Google account, you will be automatically logged into your GTalk on our page. Do let us know what you feel about the same, also let us know your suggestions if any.


First Crush

Wondering how you could get updated with the latest stuff going on around the world ?? Just Imagine in the current scenario how hard is it to get a hang of everything when you dont have time to do so..

At First Crush we always aim to provide you as refined information as we can, dats why looking at the current world scenario we have provided all of you a section called on Buzz, where you can just have a look at get all the updates that you need, you may scroll through items of your interest just by clicking on them..


First Crush

Hi All,

We are very excited to announce that we are now available on Twitter, the tweets now will provide all updates of First Crush all at once. The tweets include updates of all our blogger as well as wordpress updates, in short we are making things easier for you all to connect with us on the go.

Catch our tweets @

First Crush

New Website

We have moved to

"News Trendz you Love"

Please ensure to check it out..


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