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Many of you might be wondering why only this name, What is it in the name FiRST CRuSH? What d heck? :P . Well if you look at the pic above, this pic truely reflects what First Crush is all about ! Try interpreting it, you might find your dreams in this pic if you see through properly :) If you thot it is kinda dating site, forget it !

First Crush is all about chasing your passions and dreams  that you have always desired to achieve. I dunno wot you guys feel abt the same but I truely feel that we somehow somewhere sacrifice our DReaMz, our PaSSioNs in life to earn bread and butter for ourselves and to keep up with expectations of People around us. Remember those days in School/ College where we dreamt of being RockStarz and achieving big things in life, but as soon as College life comes to an end.. In our fight to be independent we forget wot life is all about and what the fun for us used to be and everybody tends to become snobbish kinda concerned about only just thing MonEy.. obviously that is also important ;) but not at the cost of the fun element in life. Chasing down your dreams and at the same point earning money is exactly what can make life rock..  in d true sense of it. I know some of you may say that only lucky ones get a chance to chase down their dreams, but anyways its worth giving a try coz if you achieve your dreams someday you will always remember your bold decision to start doing something about chasing down your dreamz and remember what a struggle you were in :P.

Obviously All of you in a little corner lying within your heart somewhere must be cribbing about some dreams, passions  that you wished to achieve and were not able to.. We dont know how far will we be able to go but the sole motto of creation of this community was to make people think and drive them to achieve their dreams in life. I know many of you wont get a chance to go in that direction but its always worth trying.. You wont lose even a single penny trying side by side of wot you are doing..

We kinda have a dream too, I dunno how far would we be able to realise it. I am also working on this dream, this passion of mine as I write..  to provide everyone a platform to achieve what they dreamt to achieve in life and at the same time making money which is a neccesity thez dayz.

This is the exact reason why we always ask you to share your heart out with us, so that we could perceive your dreams/ your passions and work towards it and moreover a solo effort stands nowhere .. Just think about it ? If we combine our energies together and focus on achieving our dreams we would be more powerful and efficient in achieving them sumday. Please make it a point to start sharing your dreams/ your passions right now either through comments on this post or by creating a new post

Start SHarinG 2 Let d World Notice You .. !!

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